Deepening Your Personal Practice

Breathwork - Broga - Kundalini - Meditation - Qigong - Reiki


Embracing Wellness

Find your essence and inner potential through movement or stillness.  With Doug and John's teachings, you'll find opportunities to explore your inner desires for true peace and happiness.


Doug Ferraro

Doug started practicing yoga six years ago. He found his way to a male-oriented yoga called Broga® and loved it. After a few years of practicing, Doug jumped at the chance to become a certified yoga teacher when Robert Sidoti, the co-founder of Broga® offered a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Doug also enjoys practicing regular Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga. He loves traveling, cooking and reading, and is a big fan of sci-fi. He is a business analyst by profession. Although originally from New Jersey, he is a fan of our Boston sports teams.


John Hunt

John Hunt chose a path of Kundalini Yoga several years ago and he continues to grow in the practice. Along with his 200-hour training, he has studied in India, Spain, France, Ireland, and Costa Rica to deepen his knowledge. Recently, John found qigong and feels it's complementary to his yoga practice. John continues to go deeper in his personal practice and to share his passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for Kundalini Yoga and Qigong with his students. He encourages his students to raise their awareness and access their potential by patiently guiding them through the practice with a sense of playfulness, humor, and determination. 


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